What is SEO and how does SEO work
September 9, 2020

SEO means search engine optimization, which is a digital marketing strategy that emphasizes the presence of your website in search results in search engines like Google.

When you know how SEO works, you can use various strategies to gain visibility in search results.

You can classify SEO tactics into two categories:

  • On-page SEO are the activities to be used on your website.
  • Off-page SEO are the activities to be used outside your website.

Both on-page and off-page activities help to make your site more user-friendly, as well as reliable, for users and search engines. When search bots see how user-friendly your website is for them and users, it increases the chances that your website will rank well for different searches.

For example, let’s assume there are two websites: Website A and Website B.

Website A is not responsive, which means that users of tablets or smartphones will have difficulty navigating and using the website.

Website B, however, is responsive, which means a better user experience for users of tablets, smartphones and desktops.

For search engines, it’s easy to decide which website is the most user-friendly: Website B.

Of course, the operation of search engines is a little more complicated than that. Today, search engines use more than 150 different factors to generate search results, which means that many different elements influence your position in search results.

Why do search engines care about SEO?

You don’t even pay search engines to use SEO. It’s true, you don’t pay them… but someone else does. Because they earn their money from advertising.

The web page that comes in front of you after a search query is called the search engine results page (also called SERP). SERP introduces you to so-called “organic results” and “click-through ads” (or PPC) as well.

Organic results are those that are the result of the activities of SEO, while PPC ads are paid ads. You can’t pay Google or a search engine to get your website on the 1st page of Google through organic results.

However, they earn their money by the ads on the page. Therefore, you will use the search engine again as you get delivered better results. They make more money by broadcasting more advertisements as more people use the search engine each day.

How SEO works: Technically explained

Now it should be clear to understand why search engines work so hard to provide you with excellent results. Let’s have more detailed information about how SEO works.

Search engines have spiders or crawlers, not the creepy type, but the automated robot type. These crawlers accumulate all the information about your website and the web pages.

This allows them to easily determine when to serve a page on a user site. They collect all the information like page speed, title tags, social signals, internal links, backlinks, etc.

With over 200 rating factors used by Google in its algorithm, there are many things to consider, and actions that can be taken to try to optimize a website.

There are various factors; both on and off the page that determine the optimisation of your website and, consequently, its ranking. The on-page parameters are the activities or strategies implemented on the web page.

This includes title tags, content, site speed, page URL, alt image tags, internal links, and more. Off-page factors, on the other hand, are based almost entirely on links to your website from other sites.

It is important to note that these robots are automated software and are not real humans. As you can imagine, it means that they have limits. They can’t access a website like you or I would because they don’t actually see the site: they’re crawling the site code.

This means they can’t see photos or videos, and they’re not impressed with eye-catching designs or audio clips. In fact, they can’t even understand the content as we do!

Now You know how SEO works and let’s make it work for you!

Optimising your website for search engines is not an easy task by any means. If you are a little less technically inclined then you may find it difficult to understand the process of SEO, but you can always consult a digital marketing strategist for help.

WebGlobals is a SEO agency that has many years of experience optimising customer websites to make them more attractive for search engines. Whether you are looking to understand more about SEO or want to see how SEO can help in your business, we look forward to helping you!

Contact a WebGlobals SEO expert today to discuss how we can optimise your website with a personalized SEO plan. We look forward to hearing from you!


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