What can I do for productivity and survival of my small business in lockdown and Coronavirus times
March 26, 2020
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I hope you are safe and sound, healthy and fit, and so is everyone in your family.

Heads up – I am not going to talk about all the bad and sad news circling all around us in this article. There is just too much of it floating in the air than the damn virus itself.

Just like you, I am also running a small business (WebGlobals) here in Sydney.

I will be posting things that we are doing as a team and as an individual for our business – WebGlobals in Corona times.

Simple and practical recommendations that will bear fruitful results in times to come and help you spend your time at home productively. So stay tuned.

The outbreak of coronavirus has been massive, pretty much every Country is hit. And so many different cities are pretty much shut down all over the planet, but Those who are fit and healthy, our next concern after survival in the tough times is “What will happen to our business?”.

The virus is not slowing down fast and no one has any idea how long it will take for Corona to be wiped out completely.

The next thing to consider is the economic loss that is going to come to us because of not being able to work and everything stopping the world over. Will we be able to compensate for that?

Yeah, I said that I would not post bad and sad stuff but this much context is needed to keep things in perspective, sorry for that.

One thing we can easily work on is strengthening the online presence of our business. Yes, simple.

I have been running a Digital Marketing Agency for over a decade specifically when it comes to small business and medium businesses since they don’t really have any structures included don’t really have any marketing people and they don’t really have any specific marketing budgets and they’re dealing with so whenever the business is doing good the simply procrastinate anything and everything.

There is no need to remind you that the online presence of business matters, but we still keep on procrastinating the work that needs to be done. Not just you, even us who do it for our clients get lazy at times and do not cater to our own business.

This is the time when you can strengthen your online presence, start by;

Review your online presence
Has it been long since you visited your website and Social Media Pages? Most probably yes, please do it now and review them thoroughly.
The key thing while reviewing is to make notes, don’t just scroll through the pages, make a note of any and everything that needs improvement. These notes will help you in actually getting things done.
Whether you do it yourself or someone like us does it for you, that can be decided later. You can also give me a call on 0435 095 231 and we can schedule a time to do it together. There are no charges for that, so don’t shy away from dialling the number.

Post useful tips and tricks on your Social Media Profiles
This is the easiest thing you and I can do sitting at home. No special skills or tools are needed here. Post some useful stuff that will be helpful for people like you and me who are stuck at home(this will be pretty much half the planet I guess).
We often hesitate and think “What can I tell them that they already do not know”, break that mindset. Our life is built around everything you and I do, sharing the way you get things done can be useful for so many beyond your imagination.

This is a great time to work on Search Engine Optimization
The reason I am recommending you to work on SEO is that it takes time and that is exactly what you have right now. Corona and its aftereffects are going to be there for at least 3-6 months for sure. Within this time you can build your presence on Search Engines and reap the rewards when circumstances are back to normal. This is what we are doing for our services right now.
I would not recommend you to run online ads unless you are NetFlix or you are offering some other service that people can consume at home. But for SEO, this sure is a great time.
If you want to go DIY with SEO, start with the beginner’s guide to SEO by MOZ.
If someone is doing it for you, then get involved add a push to scale it further.

Work on Content Creation
This is at the helm of all digital marketing activities.
Put your creative hat on and write a few articles, click cool pictures, create short videos. I don’t really need to tell you that content marketing is in big time and growing by the day.
Who knows your business better than you, so step in now when you have so much time available. Put your wisdom into building content along with the team that you have or individually or through an agency like us, invest yourself into building content.

Lockdowns and curfews and all that kind of stuff will be gone soon. If you have been procrastinating your efforts towards digital marketing and you have not been building up your online presence. That is the time to take the step.

Sitting at home devote a certain number of hours each day towards your online presence and digital marketing efforts.

There are so many ways you can do it, but start to think about empowering your business instead of simply sitting and waiting for something to happen.

This reminds me of a story…


Long ago at a small agricultural island, the god of rain got upset with the inhabitants. He was really really really angry with these people as they kept on wasting water. Despite several warnings, these people just won’t listen. So he sent out a message to all of them stating “there will be no rains at your island for seven years, the time can be shortened only if you behave sanely, but it will be no lesser than five years”.

Seven years is a lot of time and this was a secluded island. They could not go anywhere. No bus to catch or a train or a ship or a plane, there was no way out.

After the first few months, a lot of people stopped their agricultural activities and sat there praying to the Gods. Behaving sanely, they spent most of the time at home with minimum activity and praying for something to happen.

But there was this farmer who went out to his field every day, just as he used to do. He did all the activities just as earlier. People all around were laughing at him and everyone told him that he is the biggest fool they have known.

People told him countless times that nothing grows without water and there will be no rains for years to come, you better join us in the prayers and beg for forgiveness and be sane. Maybe, just maybe God will shower his blessings on us and pardon our sins early.

This guy kept on doing what he did. He ploughed the land, sow the seeds and did everything he could that was needed for the crops to grow. Due to the effort, he was putting in daily and shortage of food, he was getting weaker by the day, much faster than others his age who was sitting and praying.

God’s advisory brought the happenings of the island to his notice. This farmer got a mention too. His actions looked insane but his undeterred commitment was unheard of. Out of sheer compassion, God decided to give him a visit and bring some sanity to his head so he may reduce the term to 3 years.

Dressed as a commoner God went to his field, where he was working in the hot afternoon.

God said, “My dear friend, I want to ask you something”.

“Please do” the farmer replied.

God said, “Why are you breaking your back when you know nothing will yield?”

The farmer stayed quiet.

“Please reply to me, all the people might suffer because of your insanity,” God said to him.

God was not the first person, the whole town asked him this with utter frustration and anger, the farmer always kept mum. This man in front of him was the first one to ask it politely as if he really wanted to know, unlike others who just wanted him to stop.

“For me, this is the only sane way.” said the Farmer

”How is it so?” God asked

“If it does not rain for seven years all of us will die and if it rains after five years we will still die.” the farmer said

”Please explain this to me,” God asked with a puzzled look on his face.

“Rain or No Rain, we will for sure forget our practices in five years of absentia. Even when it rains after five years our people will not be capable of producing food.” said the Farmer thoughtfully

“So, I have decided to work and keep the practice alive till my last breath” continued the Farmer with wet eyes

God stood there astounded on hearing the Farmers’ words.

“But why don’t you pray with the other?” God asked after a small pause

Looking into the eyes of the humble stranger at his field the Farmer said

“My work is my prayer, I know no other prayer”

God’s mercy fell on the land as raindrops that very evening.


Coming back to Corona times…

We do not have a seven-year threat ahead of us. Buckle up and find productive applications for your time at home. And make sure once the threat goes down and people are able to move freely, and businesses start flourishing again, you will see you’re ready to harvest your crops.


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