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What can I do for productivity and survival of my small business in lockdown and Coronavirus times

Reading Time: 7 minutes I hope you are safe and sound, healthy and fit, and so is everyone in your family.

Heads up – I am not going to talk about all the bad and sad news circling all around us in this article. There is just too much of it floating in the air than the damn virus itself.

Just like you I am also running a small business(WebGlobals) here in Sydney.

I will be posting things that we are doing as a team and as an individual for our business – WebGlobals in Corona times.

Simple and practical recommendations that will bear fruitful results in times to come and help you spend your time at home productively. So stay tuned.

The outbreak of coronavirus has been massive, pretty much every Country is hit. And so many different cities are pretty much shut down all over the planet, but Those who are fit and healthy, our next concern after survival in the tough times is “What will happen to our business?”.

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All you need to know about the Google+ shutdown

Reading Time: 2 minutes Google has announced it’s closing down its social network service Google+

The concept of Google+ was great. With all of Google’s services an asymmetrical social network that is fully integrated. Being able to integrate the social network with all of Google’s services meant that your post could appear in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) of Google.

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Why SEO is important

Reading Time: 4 minutes Imagine this. You are an excellent cook. You can bake cakes even in your sleep. Baking for you is more than a hobby. It is your passion. Your friends, your neighbors love to buy cakes from you. But now, you are facing issues in reaching more customers. Now, to reach more people, consider optimizing your business around some keywords. Search engine optimization allows you to maximize the reach of your company based-upon some keywords. I am sure you understand why SEO is essential for your business? To survive, you must tell people what your core values are? What makes your cake different from others? Your response will be known as keywords which can be used to increase your relevance to the users. When Google finds out about your business, it will seek out keywords and match them with keywords on your website. If you’re using matching keywords, Google will raise your rank in search engine result pages. Here are some reasons which will enlighten you on why you need SEO for your business?

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Why Website is Important

Reading Time: 4 minutes Let me start with a simple question. What is a website? If we put it in simple terms, a website is nothing more than a single domain that binds various web pages together. I am sure, we all know that by now. But, what we don’t understand is how a website can benefit your business?

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