3 big mistakes that smart companies make when choosing an SEO agency
September 9, 2020
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Everyone makes mistakes, and this includes the best companies. That’s why, before you start choosing an SEO company, you should look at the common and big mistakes that organizations often make when they look for an SEO agency.

These 3 mistakes are:

1. Choosing a “cheap” SEO agency: – Price matters when it comes to SEO services. You want to define a budget and find an SEO company in this budget. The mistake many companies make is they set unrealistic budgets.

They see agencies offering SEO for $100 a month, for example, and they think it’s a reasonable amount. The truth, however, is that SEO companies that promote these ultra-low rates are often poor.

They don’t provide good enough results when it comes to SEO strategy, for example, using copy-paste approaches to provide non-existent feedback. Or, they are not able to generate high-quality backlinks.

Again, this lack of service leads to terrible results and unsatisfied customers. With SEO, you get what you pay, so you need a realistic budget. Familiarize your company with SEO prices. Next, you can define a feasible monthly budget for SEO services. As a reference, companies spend an average of $750 to $2,000 per month, although this figure may vary depending on their strategy, size of the company, and much more.

2. Only looking for local SEO agencies:- Working with a local SEO agency is a bonus when you choose a good SEO company. However, when it comes to what to look for in an SEO company, the location of your agency should not be your main factor.

You want to prioritize experience, performance, and customer feedback over the location, as this will further affect the quality of your service. Limiting to a small area can prevent your business from getting the type of results you want.

For example, if your competitor partners with an experienced agency in multiple states and settles with a local but inexperienced agency, you are limiting your business and website from being at the top of valuable search results. This means less revenue, sales and leads for you and more for your competitor.

3. Selecting a black hat SEO agency:- Your company wants instant results but SEO does not offer immediate results. In most cases, it takes three to six months to start producing a return.

This process can lead businesses to frustration, and they end up falling into black hat SEO strategies. Black-hat SEO describes unethical (and ineffective) SEO tactics in the long term. Although you can use black hat approaches to quickly rank in search results it will quickly fall. Worse, Google may even prevent your site from appearing in your search results again.

This means that people could not find their business site through the largest search engine in the world. You don’t want that, so you need to focus on the established SEO agencies that only get the results through white hat SEO activities.

These companies use best practices and ethical strategies that help your business rank in search results. You can also say that low-cost SEO services and black hat SEO agencies are 2 sides of the same coin. So, try to keep yourself away from these agencies.

6 bonus tips to find the best SEO company

In addition to the above not-to-make mistakes, use these tips to find the best SEO company in Sydney. This advice comes from the key factors that we have heard over and over again in our interaction with companies that already collaborate with SEO agencies.

Therefore, when you are wondering what to look for in an SEO company, look for the following:

  • Proof of successful past performance
  • Strong transparency and reporting
  • Customer service and attention
  • Leadership thought and knowledge transfer
  • Tailored, fair price
  • Specialization in the service you have need

Make sure that you also feel comfortable with the agency. You want to feel like you can ask questions, express concerns, and much more. If you do not, this can lead to problems with the development of a long-term partnership, which is essential because SEO is a continuous and long-term strategy.

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